You can opt out of auto renewal to avoid paying the yearly fee and just keep your cat in their database FOR LIFE to ensure they come back home in case they are lost.

If you decide to go with the auto-renewal you can also receive these valuable services...

  • 24/7 on-call support with trained Lost Pet Specialists
  • A nationwide network of over 450,00 volunteer PetRscuers
  • A National Pet Recovery Database that ensures contact information remains current
  • Travel Assistance that covers the cost of flying a lost pet home, up to $500, when found more than 500 miles away
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline that provides access to a licensed ASPCA veterinarian when pets are sick or injured while traveling or when your clinic is closed

Please make sure to register your adopted cat to ensure their safety..

If you received one of the chip pictured to the left in your adoption folder, your cat or kitten has been microchipped! All you need to do is call Home Again at 1-866-802-5650 and tell them that you adopted your cat from All 4 Cats and it was registration pre-paid.

All 4 Cats will microchip any cat adopted from us at no cost to you. You may make an appointment by texting (910)-707-4372. Sometimes supplies run low and we will schedule for in the future.

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