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Pat & Lola

We have created a program designed to place cats age 5 and up with adopters age 60 and up. "Seniors 4 Seniors" aims at improving the lives of seniors through pet ownership and helping senior cats, who are often overlooked, find loving forever homes. All adoptable cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and have been carefully observed so adoption specialists can match adopters with the perfect cat. Adopters go through the regular application process, but with this program, the adoption fee is waived.  Senior cats do require regular veterinary care, though, so the ideal adopter is physically and mentally capable of caring for an animal and taking the cat to the vet.

All 4 Cats provides ongoing post-adoption support as we believe the relationship between the rescue and adopter should not simply end with the adoption. Rather, it's only the beginning of a great long-term relationship. Volunteers make follow-up phone calls after the adoption to ensure everything is going smoothly. We are also available to answer questions and provide advice to the adopter for the duration of an adopted animal's life. As an added benefit to this new program, we offer lifelong free nail trimming since some cats can be fussy when it comes time to clip the claws. In situations where an adopter must be hospitalized long-term or becomes unable to care for the animal, All 4 Cats will always accept returns of the cat if a suitable home with a friend or family member cannot be found.

If your idea of relaxation is losing yourself in a good book, there's no better partner than a sweet feline in her golden years--though, you might find it hard to concentrate over the purrs.

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Having a companion animal improves the length and quality of a person's life. Spending just a few minutes petting an animal lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Studies have shown that cat owners are at a significantly decreased risk of having strokes and fatal heart attacks. Having a furry friend also helps fend off depression and loneliness.1 After all, pets are not fair-weather friends; their unwavering loyalty, love, and acceptance are some of the most beautiful things in this world.

Seniors 4 Seniors

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"Too old to climb on your curtains, young enough to climb on your lap.

What's not to love?"