All 4 Cats is a no-kill cat rescue and community outreach located in Wilmington, NC. We are an all-volunteer organization and our mission is saving and improving the lives of cats.  Our primary focus is working with the community to rescue stray cats.  We nurse the animals back to health, spay/neuter, socialize, and then we find them permanent and loving homes. When we are able, we also work with local animal shelters to rescue and re-home pets. ​

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We are a foster-based organization, so our volunteers are able to closely observe an animal's behavior to match them with the most suitable forever home.  In addition to adoptions, our volunteers are always thinking of other ways to keep cats safe, such as our courtesy re-homing program, posting lost cats on social media, and providing the community with education and resources.

All 4 Cats was found in 2014 by Justin, Val, Polly, and Allison. 

All 4 Cats is a 501(c)3 registered organization and your donations are tax-deductible.  Please support our cause by becoming a foster, volunteer, donor, or adopter!

​Kim Mailhot

Kim is the medical coordinator and is in charge of intake evaluations. She serves on the board, in addition to fostering and trapping. She has been with the rescue since 2019.

She is super mom to 5 human children and 4 furry feline children.  In her spare time you can find her on the softball and baseball fields with her youngest, who happen to be twins!

Rita Glantz

Rita is a Jacksonville native and dental hygentist that started rescuing animals simply "Because it's the right thing to do."  Rita is our behavioral specialist and one of the groups most valued foster homes. She has been with the rescue since 2014.

For Rita, rescuing is actually the easy part, as she spends countless hours socializing wayward cats and kittens to prepare them for a loving life with human companionship. This requires a tremendous amount of time and patience, but Rita finds it extremely rewarding. She has helped countless cats get a second chance at the good life.

Emily Ward

Emily takes some of the fantastic photos you see of the cats on our Facebook page as well as our internet adoption sites and website. With 16 years of accounting experience she is also perfectly suited to handle all of the financial details for All 4 Cats.

Emily received a degree in business from UNCW. A stint in culinary school developed a passion for cooking in addition to her love of photography. She has 3 rescue cats and has lived with cats all her life.

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Meet The Team!

​Justin Mills

Justin is the President and co-founder. He manages All 4 Cats' crowd funding campaigns.  He is also a senior adoption counselor, fosters, and coordinates rescues.

Justin's affinity for cats began about 10 years ago when he rescued a one-eyed cat named Uno. Not having much sentiment towards animals at the time, Justin's life was changed completely by Uno's unwavering love. Now his feline family consists of 4 rescue cats.  In his free time, Justin enjoys video games, art, and vegan cooking.

Cris Ontirveros

​Cris does a little of everything. She runs parasite checks, fosters, rescues, and give medical care. She joined the rescue in 2018. After Hurricane Florence her and Esmeralda helped rescue 33 cats that had evacuated from Topsail. 

She is currently attending UNCW for her Bachelors in Biology. She will continue her studies at NC State in Veterinary Medicine. 

Esmeralda Ontiveros

Esmeralda is one of the Board members, helping to manage the rescue and make important decisions. and serves as the Secretary. She helps with communications and has fostered and rescued many feline friends.  She joined the rescue in 2018. After Hurricane Florence her and Cris helped rescue 33 cats that had evacuated from Topsail.

Esmeralda loves animals. She has 4 dogs and 3 cats. The 3 cats are all from All 4 Cats, Simba (first foster), PJ, and Darla.

Dr. Deb Donovan

Dr. Deb is our vet of record. She develops treatment protocols for our medical cases and advises on our standards of care. We could not do all of the wonderful things for community cats without her. She has been volunteering with us since 2018. 

She loves musical themed cruises and other concert events. She has 9 furry children and a wonderful husband at home.

All 4 Cats intake and outcome data.

Live Release
Non-live Outcome
Asilomar Live Release Rate
ASPCA Live Release Rate

Definitions and other notes:

Intake: Transfer in, Born in, Owner Surrender, and Strays

Live Release: Adoption, Transfer Out, Return to Owner

Non-Live Outcomes: Euthanized, died in care

 "Owner Surrender" includes both returned adoptions & owners surrendering animals from other sources.

 "Transferred In" & "Transferred Out" refers to the transfer of animals from & to shelters/other rescues

All 4 Cats, Inc does not euthanize animals due to lack of space. Any designated euthanasias were performed due to medical reasons by a licensed veterinarian

Asilomar Live Release Rate: Live Outcomes divided by (All Outcomes minus unhealthy/untreatable)

​ASPCA Live Release Rate: Live Outcomes divided by Intake

​This data is reported to Shelter Animal Count - The National Database.